Fragile? National Museum Cardiff. 

Images (Sales, S. 2015)

The visit to Fragile? was a fantastic opportunity to explore a vast range of contemporary works based around the theme of ceramics. The collection included video, immersive environments and works using clay in its raw state. Keith Harrison and Clare Twomey both installed interactive works using clay at its most delicate and vulnerable. Other artists had pushed, pulled, squashed, squished, coloured and forcibly manipulated this diverse material.

The gallery itself had expertly curated strategic information points. Every time I felt a question bubbling it was answered effectively through the use of gallery labels, video documentaries, museum staff and Ipads.

Reflection: Out of the 100+ exhibits during this exhibition I photographed only a small handful. I photographed these works because I enjoyed them, they had sparked something in me. As I came to upload these images I questioned the reasons why these photographs; why those particular objects? Why had I rejected many other pieces in favour of these select few? As I examined the collective it became clearer that I had selected each work on the merits of its production. Some techniques (throwing, slipcasting) were familiar, but others were new and even used raw, un-fired clay. The potential to discover the ways clay can be used in practice now seem vast and extremely attractive.


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