‘Our Food, Your Questions’ – Confronting McDonald’s

Acutely aware of their falling popularity and rapidly losing customers, McDonald’s have produced a range of videos in which they attempt to put to bed some of the horror stories surrounding their food production.

The videos are rife with propaganda, but I do believe McDonald’s is being honest. So it turns out they do use real chickens and yes they do use real eggs; cleverly missing out the big questions about chicken welfare, or how much land and carbon emissions are used to graze and transport cattle for its global restaurants.

In my favorite video about chicken nuggets, the ‘reporter’ cleverly compares an image -which trended as being the chicken mince chicken McNuggets were made from- (pink goo below left) with the actual chicken mince (below right).

If given the option of having to eat one of these there is no competition. At least the chicken mince (above right) looks like meat. However, the reality is this product is hardly more appetizing (see below).

The provenance of our food is becoming as equally important as the quality of the cut, and McDonald’s has yet been unsuccessful at answering those questions.

Find a link to the ‘Our Food, Your Questions’ playlist here.






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