Making the Disposable Indisposable

In a bid to unpack how a lack of ceramics from convenience restaurants is impacting our eating culture I started to collect convenience packaging from lunches.

From past experience I had known that certain materials can be dipped in slip, fired and turned into ceramics – something permanent. My attempts are as follows:

The paper container adhered well to the slip, only offering a few cracks thankfully. However, the water resistant cups were less receptive to a coating of slip; the severe cracking clearly visable and destroying any resemblance to the objects original form.

I for one have become someone who devours instead of eats; so by turning the actual container into ceramics, I hope to comment not only on the disappearance of ceramics, but making a ceremony from what has become an insignificant experience.

Update: 19th April 2016

I had hoped that the coats of slip would stay in tack enough to be glazed for strength. Unfortunately, despite several coats of slip the pieces are decadently fragile.


With further reflection I would have to battle with the very nature of this process in order to get even vaguely suitable results. My concern is that the nature of this process is terribly unreliable and would often produce inferior products. It seems likely that I will shelve this process and seek alternative routes to express the disappearance of ceramics alongside slow eating.




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