Contemporary takeaway – a modular game

On saturday, with a severe amount of apathy some friends and I ordered takeaway. Guiltily choosing Wagamama over some of the more local, independent restaurants.

Having dined in at Wagamama a couple of times, I was fully aware of the different ceramic vessels used for their menu, bowls, plates, cups etc. However, I was very surprised to see that they had mirrored these shapes within their takeaway range.

My chicken Raman dish was served using three separate units – a bowl, a lid and half-moon dish containing the sauce itself.


Other dishes had small, yogurt pot size containers in which a dipping sauce or dressing was served. These could be secured into the middle of any sized bowl – demonstrating the brilliance of uniformity.


This modular approach kept an amount of entertainment value throughout the meal, passing individual or combined containers to each other to share. I feel like this approach may be significant in how I think about the Holborne Ready Foods project – using modular parts to add value to the entertainment of dining.

This element of stacking and un-stacking reminds me of Lego, Duplo, or Brio train sets. Perhaps this play with modular pieces brings to life some of the games/entertainment once enjoyed when young?



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