Max Lamb – Product Designer

Max Lamb is a British Product Designer. I first saw his work when he produced My Grandfather Tree, a series of ash logs felled from one tree on his grandfathers land. The logs had no predesignated purpose, only that the purchaser could use them for any fitting purpose. This methodology reminds me of Takehsi Yasuda, who also makes his works and leaves their purpose to be created by purchaser, but always to be used, never admired behind glass.

This video helps to provide a scaffold on which to peg some of the snags/snapshots of thoughts about my current making process. Lamb says ‘it has to be about the learning and the discovery’ and this resonates with me completely.

His approach to using the beach as a casting work shop is exciting and inspirational, as seen in the following video.

I try to be true to a material, generally using the material alone and in its elemental form. […] I want to celebrate and exploit each material for its inherent visual and functional characteristics, properties and qualities … I never try to force a material, but rather to steer it into a form that is functional yet appears to have happened spontaneously, as if by nature. (Le Vin Chin, 2008)


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