Creating the Void

Casting with plaster creates a positive of the negative. I used this process to help me capture moments and actions in Ashton Meadows.

The project felt like it became too bogged down with a multitude of important, yet potentially restrictive details. I have decided to limit my variables to SITE/CLAY/PLASTER.

The site: Ashton Meadows, where the clay comes from. Urban and rural. Use elements of the site as tools.

The clay: Located at Ashton Meadows. The clay can be formed, refined or cast in the studio. The limit of the clays potential will enforce how I can use the clay to make objects.

Plaster: Used currently to cast elements of the site. Plaster blocks can be augmented in a range of ways that will aid the creation of new objects.

This video depicts the clay bed being manipulated by tools found on site. The voids created by the tools are then cast in plaster. The casts will be used later in the formation of new objects.


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