Ian McIntyre

Ian McIntyre Lecture – 27th Feb 2017


McIntrye’s practice ‘sits at the confluence of craft and industrial design’ (McIntyre 2017). He is interested in ‘exploring the inherent qualities of materials’ and uses this ‘as a way of developing a design.’ (ibid) This ethos is something I have been establishing within my own practice.

Though I could go into great detail about his different projects, it was his most recent project that alerted me to something I had been ignoring within my own investigation.

As part of his Phd research, McIntyre is collaborating with the manufactures of the well known (and sometimes well loved) teapot the Brown Betty in an attempt to reignite the historical and cultural significance of this ceramic object. Designed purely from function over form, the red clay used for the body of the teapot is sourced locally to the site of manufacture.

Although I realised the significance of using local clay in my work, as a response to the modern obsession with authenticity, I failed to explore the historical and cultural elements that may have been connected to the site, or the city as a whole. I feel this is an area worth investigating as it may enable me to start developing ideas for the ‘site of the image’ (Rose 2012).


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