I believe that the human consumption of food, for the most part, begins and ends with the use of ceramic objects. On a personal level the food I consume has altered dramatically since my working class childhood in a rural council house on the Isle of Wight. My move away from the traditional meat and two veg and food from the freezer aisle depicts a transition in culture achieved through varying experiences with people and places.

The story of someone’s diet is a clue to the life they lead; whether it’s what you eat, where you eat, who you eat with, how you eat it, what you were brought up on or even what you waste. I believe that food represents a physical marker for the cultural tribes we belong to or the transitions we make from one tribe to another.

Food can reveal a lot about contemporary and historical rituals and I intend on using the ceramic link with food to investigate British culture and society.

Steven Sales has been a practicing artist for over ten years. His academic roots in Fine Art have provided the opportunity to work across a range of media; including painting, print, drawing and undertaking his current Masters to further explore ceramic material. He has experience in selecting work and curating exhibitions for established and pop-up galleries. Steven Sales is a trained teacher of Art and Design, currently working in Bristol.